Fight the Calzone (190/191 the past two days)
Last night I broke down and had a calzone. I love calzone… gosh, I live for calzone. However, calzone has to be the worst thing you could ever eat if you’re trying to get fit. It’s bread and cheese–a ton of bread and cheese.

I woke up guilty… was feeling like a bum for doing it. So, I figured I had to fight Brooklyn with Brooklyn. I busted out the Billy Joel and rocked out (yes, I’m a loser) on the treadmill doing a three mile run in 26 minutes and 26 seconds–a record of late. Of course, I used to do three miles in 22 minutes when I was a kid so it’s not really that impressive I know. But, for a fat bastard like myself pounding out two 8:30 miles after a 9:30 mile to start is a great thing. If I can get to 24 minutes I’d be very, very happy.

This fatblogging thing we’re all doing isn’t easy… it takes daily focus and a lot of resiliency. You have to forgive yourself for the mistakes and really focus on the good thing you’re doing. If you have a calzone moment don’t get depressed–take some action. That’s what I’ve learned. That calzone cost me an extra 300-400 calories yesterday I’m sure, but I took it out on the treadmill not my mind. I’m not depressed at all about it anymore… in fact, I feel great that I weathered the calzone storm.

Anyway, that’s the lesson of the day… If you have a calzone moment don’t be depressed, be inspired to take action.

(Photo above found in Google Images… link to site didn’t work)

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