Fatblogging make up post…

I just got back from four days on the road and I have no idea what my weight is. I did however do a nice long work out on one of my days in NYC and I walked around the city to seven–yes seven–meetings in one day. That had to be at least a hour of walking–probably 90 minutes.

I also have been eating really well. Salads, fish, steamed veggies, and protein bars when running around without a good option.

I’ve got a new idea for fatblogging… in addition to writing your post I want to encourage folks to search for fatblogging on technorati or google blog search and place a comment on at least one other persons post a day with some support/information/advice/etc.

tonight I plan on hitting the treadmill again… in nyc I walked on the treadmill for like 65 minutes thanks to Bugsy being on TV. I think watching a movie or reading a screenplay is a great way to hit the hour mark. Consider that a tip 🙂

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