Good luck Elon/SpaceX!

Good luck to my pal Elon as he prepares for a 4pm PST launch of the Falcon1 rocket… of course, when it comes to launching rockets there are frequent delays–so be prepared for this to be pushed back. Elon is, of course, the former CEO of PayPal, and also the owner of Tesla Motors. One of the more interesting folks you’ll meet… he’s gonna be on the CalacanisCast Beta soon I hope.

From Elon’s blog:

  • Posted March 18, 2007 The flight readiness review conducted tonight shows all systems are go for a launch attempt at 4pm California time (11pm GMT) tomorrow (Monday). The webcast can be seen at and will start at T-60 minutes. Please check back for updates, as the launch will be postponed if we have even the tiniest concern.

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