The dumbest argument in the blogosphere: A List vs. Blue Collar

I just posted a comment on the “Blue Collar” blogging meme spreading around town. The concept of “blue collar blogging” is that there are two classes of bloggers today: “A-List” like Scoble and Jarvis, and blue collar folks who can only make money by selling their souls to PayPerPost to do cover marketing.

The PayPerIdiots are trying to make their DECEPTIVE service into a class war–so, so obvious guys. There is a reason why you guys came up with such a dumb service, and your arguments prove exactly how unintelligent you are. It’s ***not*** a class war, it’s an ***integrity*** war. If you want to have no integrity do covert marketing with PayPerPost, if you want to have integrity don’t–but let’s not make this about the “haves and have nots”–that’s just dumb.

Here is the rambling comment I left:

  • What a joke… a couple of years ago Scoble, Jarvis, and I were the blue collar bloggers! We were hustling trying to get our voices heard and a couple of years later–after blogging daily/hourly–the supposed “A List” got some traction and attention.

    Here is a tip: THEY EARNED IT!!! They busted their butts for years blogging in an intelligent way. They were not given their seats at the table–they took them!

    There is no “A List” — it’s a myth.

    There are people who blog every day, have something intelligent to say, and who get linked to more than the folks that are some combination of a) new, b) have little to say, and c)are not hustling.

    If you want to be part of the A List you can do it in < 90 days:

    1. Blog intelligently. Think about your post for a day before you hit publish. Do research–do primary research in the real work. Write something with insight, and include links to other folks ideas.

    2. Go to 2-3 events or conferences a week.

    3. Get a great domain name that is easy to remember and spell (i.e.

    4. Go to TechMeme and write an insightful piece daily about one of the top stories.

    5. Start emailing other bloggers with feedback on their stories. (don’t beg for links)

    6. Be smart.

    7. Don’t be an idiot.

    That’s it… you’re now A-List.

    Give me a break… there is no A-List in blogging. Just people who’ve been blogging longer than others and who are smarter or better writers–or all of those things.

    I think there are a lot of folks who think because they re-blog a couple of stories a day for a couple of weeks, and they don’t go anywhere in terms of traffic, that they are being “held back’ by the A list. That’s BS… those folks are basically the losers who think that their success in blogging is based on other people.

    You success in bloggging/vlogging/podcasting is DIRECTLY RELATED TO HOW HARD YOU WORK AND HOW SMART YOU ARE.

    Good creators rise… there are NO GATEKEEPERS–only the ones you put out there in your own mind.


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