Finally I’ve broken below the 190 mark… in fact today is the second day in a row I was 189.6. At the start of the year i was around 197, and last year I hit 207, so I’m feeling really great with where I’m at right now.

Feedback from other Fatbloggers has really helped me turn this from a one month thing into a lifestyle thing. Normally I get five pound off and I revert back to eating 2/3rds a pizza while doing email and watching the Knicks lose. This time around blogging about diet and exercise has become such a daily process that I can’t help but thing about it first thing every day.

The tips I’ve gotten back from folks have been really helpful.

The best tip is folks telling me to do core and weights. Now that I’ve been running/walking so much I’ve been looking to change it up and medicine ball workouts seem to be really helping me increase the muscle mass and burn fat while I’m sitting in front of my computer.

If anyone out there has good medicine ball workouts let me know… I’m looking for more things to do with them.

How are you guys doing?


Note to some of the spammers/marketers doing diet related products and services: I’m deleting your comments to the fatblogging posts. It’s getting out of control and some of you guys are getting abusive. I allow a MODEST amount of promotion in the comments–like on your name where it says put your URL. Posting five links to you sites saying “I started diet blogging long before you started fatblogging” is not cool. I never claimed to start diet blogging, dieting, health, fitness or being a fat bastard. We all know that blogging has been around since 95 when Justin Hall did it, and we would all be shocked to find out that some number of bloggers DIDN’T blog about a subject at some point over the past 12 years. Ugh. Please… not more daily player hating posts–it’s just against the vibe of what we’re doing here. Let’s keep it classy San Diego.

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