I wish I was still running Netscape

Netscape is doing really well of late and I have to admit I’m really missing being the GM of the site. It’s got such a great user base that’s posting tons of great comments and stories, and I really think it’s the mainstream version of digg. Most of all I miss the team over there… they have really done a great job of growing the site and executing on MyNetscape and the 9.0 Browser. (Note: The browser is going to be big I think).

Of course, building Netscape back is going to take years of hard work… not months, *years*. After three years of sliding down it’s leveled off–which is amazing considering Netscape no longer has a base of browser or email users (50%+ of the base of users when I took over!). If you were to add back in the lost email users the Netscape curve on Alexa would be a massive turnaround. That’s my one regret…. not keeping the email users. Of yeah, I would have also made the transition to social news slower–we moved the users into the concept too fast. Live and learn.

Anyway, if Netscape was ever available I would try and buy it…. I’d love to see the vision over the finish line.

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