I’ve been living in the 190-191 range for a week now and it feels really great. Clearly doing more intense workouts and having a protein Powerbar (low sugar version) is helping.

Yesterday we worked out with medicine balls for 20-25 minutes and then I walked for 40 minutes. Today I’m feeling it… not sure if I’ll workout today. We ate pizza today… a simple reward for working out and eat so well for the past month. It was great. Very satisfying, and I don’t feel like I’ll have to eat pizza for another month. I guess it’s true: the first two weeks off pizza are the hardest. 🙂

It’s 85 degrees and HOT in Los Angeles today… I tempted to take my first dip in our pool (since we bought the place in December).

To all my fatbloggers out there: GO DO SOMETHING! Take a walk, eat a salad, buy a bag of carrots, play some tennis (in meat space or on your Wii–same difference).

I can’t wait until I see 189… could happen this week.

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