LA Times busts PayPerPost for deceptive marketing (or “Is Tim Draper in favor of deceptive marketing?!?!)

Read the first couple of paragraphs and you understand exactly why PayPerPost is a) so hated by so many smart people we all respect so much, b) they are on the FTC’s radar, c) on Google radar for banning, and d) destined to fail.

Here is the LA Times story’s first section:

  • Blogger Colleen Caldwell rants and riffs about whatever strikes her fancy – a run-in with her child’s school principal, the rising price of Girl Scout thin mints, an upcoming movie that caught her eye.

    “Has anyone out there read a book called ‘The Ultimate Gift’? I just heard that a movie is being made of the book (which sold 4 million copies),” she wrote in a recent post on her site, Simple Kind of Life.

    The 30-year-old software analyst from Brooksville, Fla., went on to praise the inspirational message of the Fox Faith film, which opens today, about a trust fund baby who discovers the joy of giving. Caldwell noted that each member of the opening-weekend audience was being allowed to direct a dollar of the ticket price to a charity of the filmgoer’s choice.

    One thing Caldwell didn’t mention: She was paid $12 to build buzz about the movie’s opening and the charitable campaign

No one likes to be deceived and PayPerPost’s “disclosure policy” is a total joke. They don’t require folks to place disclosure at the top of the blog posts–which I predict the government will force them to do–but rather have folks put a badge somewhere on their page that links to some quasi-disclaimer that says that some of the posts MAY be influenced by being paid.

What a joke.

I would have no problem with PayPerPost if they forced their bloggers to disclose that their posts were paid IN THE FIRST SENTENCE OF THE POST.

Of course, the PayPerLosers will never do that because they know that their advertisers are using them because their

… and Tim Draper’s point that paid advertising had the same reaction leaves out an important point: PAID INCLUSION FAILED!!!!!!!! Hello!?!? People were so pissed off at GoTo/Overture having paid search results that they were forced to move the paid inclusion into Google-style auction based ADVERTISEMENTS.


Come on Tim, that’s a totally intellectually dishonest defense of a company you should be ashamed to have backed. Tim: Do you like to be deceived? Would you like your family to be deceived as described in the story above!? Do you want to spend your time having to figure out which posts are paid for and which ones are real!??!

I can’t understand how someone as successful and smart as Tim Draper could be in favor of deceptive marketing.

Does Tim have a blog!?? Can someone tell him to explain his thoughts a little more in the comments please?

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