Wow… got the scale today and it said 189.8 and I had to take a double take. I moved the scale around the room and weighed myself three or four more times and it came up at 190.4 each time.

Either way, I set a record today. I guess it was in part due to the FatBlogging episode of CalacanisCast Beta we did yesterday. I can’t wait until Tyler gets that out to you guys… it was really great.

Since setting that record I figured I would get on the treadmill and try to break my two mile run record of 17 minutes and 15 seconds.

I crushed it.

2 miles in 16 minutes and five seconds. The first mile was 8:10, so that means I did a 7:55M for the second one–that’s very respectable I think considering I’m still 15 pounds overweight.

Changing up the running schedule has really helped. Some days I walk, some days I do a walk/job, some days I do HIIT, and some days I just say “run as fast as you can for two miles.” The good thing is that my 16 minute work out burned 301 calories–that’s amazingly efficient in terms of time to cals burned. Walking uphill it would take double the time to do the same number of calories.

March will the month I get back to the 180s, even if it is just 189 I’m gonna do it.

Another thing that is really helping is that I’m eating a PowerBar Protein bar in the afternoon at like 4PM. For 300 calories it really holds me over and keeps me from having an insane dinner. It seems that dinner is when I stray the most.

How’s everyone else doing? Any tips to share? Anyone falling off the wagon? Anyone else set any records?!

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