Fatblogging: 194

Wasn’t able to workout the last three days due to travel and a lack of sleep. However, I was faced with either catching two hours of sleep or going to the gym at the hotel today and I figured I’d do a quick 15-20 minutes and at least get something under my belt.

Well, as is often the case I did much more then I expected because I felt so good 20 minutes in. Now, I only walked because I’ve been feeling a little soar (traveling does that to me for some reason), but I impressed myself with 60 minutes of walking for 3.4 miles and 426 calories.

That’s the big lesson for me: JUST START.

If you get off the treadmill or bike after 10-20 minute because you’re not into it that’s fine, but at least get on for 10-20 minute and see how you feel. I can’t think of one time that i started a workout that I didn’t do more than I thought I would.

So, I have a new rule: 10 minutes no matter what.

I’ll do 10 minutes no matter how busy or tired I am. If I can’t do more fine, but I suspect I’ll always do at least a little more. I’m back in LA tomorrow after a very productive trip and that should help my progress a lot.

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