I’ve been on the road for a couple of days and haven’t weighed in and even worse I didn’t work out over the weekend.

However, I have been eating very well. I think I’ve cracked the code to business travel: protein bars. There seem to be tons of low glyciemic bars on the market including from Powerbar. Sometimes I feel guilty having these bars because I think that I’ll still be hungry after I have them and I’ll wind up just adding to the calories for the day–but that doesn’t happen. I’m finding that after one of these bars I don’t think about food for 2-3 hours. So, whenever I’m hungry and can’t a healthy meal I eat one. If I’m still in transit I eat another. They have 200 calories, but they are good calories and even if you eat two for 400 cals you’re still less than a full meal.

If you were perfectly robotic in your eating behavior I wonder if you could just eat like eight of these 200 calorie bars a day and be healthy. That would be an easy diet huh?

I’m a little worn out right now, but I think I’m gonna drag myself to the gym before the cocktail hour.

Oh yeah…. here’s what I’ve been doing:

a) I went to the XPrize dinner at the Googleplex Sat night
b) I’m at the Allen & Co. conference in Arizona right now.

I’ve got a bunch to say about both events, but I need a nap right now (and I’ve got to check the blogging policy for this conference–I try to respect the blogging policy of private events).

Oh yeah #2: I’m thinking about doing a podcast with some fellow fatbloggers…. it would have to be a conference call I guess. Tyler is going to ping some folks.

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