Google Apps is great BUT: GMAIL + Blackberry = Horrible

Disclaimer: Google Apps is frackin’ amazing–drop everything and give Google your $50 a year.

Can someone from Google explain to me why GMail and a Blackberry suck so much when you put them together!?!?!

It seems like pulling GMAIL via POP setting from GMAIL/Google Apps (which I just paid for) results in inconsistency, lost mail, and delays. Forwarding from GMAIL seems slightly better, but still slow and painful.

Blackberry users represent the top 2% of all email users (I made the % up)… if you can’t make Blackberry and GMAIL work together you got a huge problem.

If you can’t get Google Apps GMAIL for $50 a year to work well with Blackberry you’ve got A HUGE SHOW-STOPPING problem. At this point if I can’t get my GMAIL in Google Apps to work with my Blackberry I’m gonna have to cancel my account. I can’t live without instant email.

Will someone from the GMAIL team please respond to this?

Other folks with the same problem including CK, my wife, and this dude. I hear “GMAIL and Blackberry suck together…” all the time when I’m out.

PS – Google Calendar HAS TO have native, wireless sync with my BlackBerry… please Google… simple features for business users. You’ve got like 18,984 PhDs at the Googleplex… I just need like three of them to fix these problems! Seriously, you need to setup a BLACKBERRY ambassador at Google…. it’s that important. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Google Apps is great BUT: GMAIL + Blackberry = Horrible

  1. I completely agree.

    Once Gmail get going with BB push it will be the last time I will ever use Outlook.
    Microsoft Outlook is just a real 90’s application.

    Someone from BB and Google needs to sort this out. BTW I’m sure they have some political reason not
    to do it. Probably BB has an Agenda with MS.

  2. You are right on!! I have a BB and Gmail account. Every time I responde to an email I get 2 emails . Gmail sucks.

  3. BlackBerry + MacBookPro does not sync with Mac Mail or MS Entourage. BlackBerry have wasted more than 36 hours of my IT dept time still with no solution. So will linking MacBookPro with Gmail via Mail or MS Entourage give me a fix?

  4. You can’t live without instant email? Wow I didn’t know it was such an integral part of your body.

  5. A tip for those who are trying to get full standard push email capability when using Google Apps on their BBery. This can be done quite easily if you’re an Outlook user.

    1. Setup your Google Apps account(s) in Outlook

    2. In the online BBery configuration application (go here, pick your phone and wireless carrier –, try to autodetect settings. You might get lucky, I’ve had this work for one account randomly but not for other Google Apps accounts that had the exact same mail settings – go figure. If you don’t get lucky (and here’s where the tip comes in), select “manual setup” then detect settings from Outlook (you’ll need to install an active x plugin). This works like a charm everytime for me. I generally set my accounts up as POP accounts but I think this should work fine with IMAP as well.

    Using this method I get absolutely flawless access to multiple google Apps accounts including push email on my BBery Bold. Good luck.

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