191.6… gotta… get…. on…. treadmill….

I’m still beatup from the HIIT workout Sunday. In fact, I’m hurting more today than I did yesterday…. so, I’ll just warn everyone once more to be careful with this high-intensity stuff. I think you need about 30-40 walks/runs under your belt if you’re gonna do this kind of thing. Of course, you could also do it a little less intense I guess. Either way you should probably talk to a trainer/doctor about your workouts if you don’t want to hurt yourself–not me. I just a dude talking about what I’m doing. This blog isn’t a health plan that you should follow… this is one dude talking about his life. Be smart about your health and your body.

OK, enough disclaimers…. I’m 191.6 today and the month is coming to a close. I didn’t make it under 190, but I look a lot different in the mirror. I’m fairly certain that the 18 workouts I’ve done this month have built some muscle, burned some fat, and changed my body. It’s also helped my mind. When I was 207 I would hurt for days after even a simple treadmill workout. If I get on the treadmill today it will be eight days in a row–and three of those days were hardcore workouts.

Working out in the AM is a my big secret at this point. If you get it overwith in the AM you’ve got a much be chance of actually working out. As the day goes on you get busy, you get tired, and you say “screw it, I’ll workout tomorrow.” If you start your day with a workout you’re gonna burn more calories all day (right?), feel more energy, and sleep better at night.

Here is how you do it:

a) Layout your workout clothes by your bed when you get up.
b) When you get up just put them on–don’t even debate if you’re gonna work out.
c) Buy a bunch of workout clothes so you are never faced with the “I’ve got nothing to wear” argument
d) If you’re really not motivated set yourself up with some ubersimple goal. Like tell yourself that you’re going to do at least 50 or 100 calories/10 minutes on the treadmill. When you hit that goal chances are you’ll do more.
e) Set up small goals of consecutive days for yourself. For example,I did a bunch of 2 or 3 days in a row segments this month and I finally turned a corner last week and now I’m on day eight–in a row! If you get two days in a row try for three. After that why note five? If you don’t do it no problem, now you’ve got another chance to get it done.
f) Go Starbucks Style: If you really can’t get up for your work out walk to Starbucks–or two starbucjs away from your place if you’re in a city (that’s about 8 blocks :-)–and walk back. At least you’ll get a mile under your belt.

So…. if you’re reading this and it’s 9am on the west coast and you haven’t worked out let’s get to work people!

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