Been having some strange weigh ins recently. Today I was 193, which was sort of unexpected since I’ve been working out so much. However, I’m not worrying about weight as much as I am diet and working out right now.

I found the Polaris heart monitor that came with me treadmill today and I kept my heart rate at 120 beats per minute (fat burning zone) for 50 minutes and burned 491 cals.

Today was the fifth day in a row I’ve been on the treadmill, which is a record. Before this I had done 2-3 days in a row max. Right now I’m not really hurting from these workouts like I did last month, so I think I’ve turned a corner. I feel like I could walk for 60 minutes a day without a problem–even 75 or 90 minutes. At this point it’s just the motivation and time to get on the thing.

I’m finding talking to everyone in the Fatblogging community is really helping. I get emails all day long with tips, and that’s keeping the issue front and center for me.

This week I think I’m gonna try some weights (I bought a bench and a set of weights when I got the treadmill). Folks have been telling me I gotta get some weight training in if I want to change my body mass.

Today I had a body mass of like 21.8 which I think is fair. That’s my next thing… I’m gonna start trying to get my body mass index in line.

I think Hugh has joined the fatblogging movement.

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