Fatblogging seems to be catching on. Wil was nice enough to send me the domain name Fatblogging.com (he nabbed it right before I went to get it!). Right now I’m going to forward the domain name to a fatblogging category on my blog, but eventually I might come up with some sort of shared feed/message board/wiki/whatever for folks to use to share their progress.

The B5Media folks are getting behind the movement, I hope ThatsFit and FitSugar join in as well.

Most of all I hope Robert joins us, but I would never shame someone into getting less fat (unless of course their my boy :-).

I’ve had a strange couple of days myself. I stopped eating breakfast and started eating light lunches which lead me to go nuts at dinner. So, I think I’m going to stop that and get back to a nice breakfast (egg whites or yogurt/fruit), followed by a reasonable lunch (fish/chichken + veggies), and not go so crazy at night.

I weigh in at 10am or so every day and I’ve seen my weight go back to 193 after a bunch of days at 191 and working out. Anyway, I know this doesn’t matter since you have +/- four or five pounds, but it was interesting to notice and kind of depressing. Wil is having the same issue–I guess we have to power through it.

On the exercise front I’ve been really doing a great job I think. I decided to run the last two days–not really jog or power walk–but run. For me running is < 10 minutes a mile. Jogging is 10-13 minute miles, and walking is 15 minute miles or more.

On Wednesday I decided to run three miles and did it in 28 minutes, so on Thursday I decided to see how fast I could do two miles and that was 17 minutes and 15 seconds. So, 9:20 minute miles one day, 8:40 the next. I’d like to be able to do three miles in 25 minutes (8:20) and two miles in 16 minutes at some point.

Anyway, I’ve been told that if you want to burn more fat you should do longer workouts, not these fun runs. Not sure how true that is, but I like a little variability, so today I decided to do 4 miles in 60 minues and see how many calories I could burn. I put on a podcast of my pal Jimbo Wales on Net@Nite and I was off to the races–burned 652 cals!

So, 20 minutes ago I did my second longest workout of the month, with the most calories and the longest distance. The two days before that I did my fastest two workouts.

I find if I set these little challenges for myself the time on the treadmill goes faster and I feel a lot better when I get off the machine. This of course makes me want to get back on the machine. I’ve also found that if I say I’ll work out at night it never happens, so I’m forcing myself to do it first thing… at like 7, 8, or 9AM.

In February I’ve gotten on the treadmill 15 times out of 23 days. My plan is to do four of the next five days and that will put me at 19 workouts for 28 days. or around five a week. I’d like to hit six days a week in March. Again, little games I’m playing with myself to try and push my performance.

I was even thinking about doing a second 20-30 minute walk to see if I could get a couple of extra workouts in during the final days of the month, but I a) don’t have the energy/time for it and b) I’m not sure the value of a second workout.

If anyone is a trainer out there I’d like to get some details on:

a) the value of a second shorter workout (i.e. a 20-30 minute walk)
b) the value of long walks (say 45-60 minutes) vs. shorter, faster runs (say 20-30 minute runs). Which is better for burning fat/losing weight?

Oh yeah, got my blood work back from the doctor and he says everything is perfect and my bad cholestoral is actually low. Who knew?!?! 🙂

type cals miles time
2/2/2007 walk 285 2.14 40
2/5/2007 run 347 2.11 31
2/7/2007 walk 200 1.3 20
2/8/2007 walk 522 3.5 65
2/9/2007 walk 503 3.06 50
2/11/2007 walk 580 3.36 55
2/13/2007 walk/run 522 3.6 60
2/14/2007 run 251 1.53 20
2/15/2007 run 323 2 22
2/17/2007 walk 400 1.5 45
2/18/2007 walk 200 1 20
2/20/2007 walk 400 2.34 40
2/21/2007 run 465 3 28
2/22/2007 run 307 2 17
2/23/2007 walk 652 4 60
Feb Total 15 5957 36.44 573
average 397.13 2.43 38.2

Finally, you can watch the raw footage of a new tape I’ve started about the fatblogging… I think this is my next business! 🙂

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