Fatblogging: Treadmill computer meme is everywhere…

Tons of folks seem to be attaching their computers to their treadmills. I’m gonna hire a handymanperson (watch the sexiest language people!) here in Los Angeles to work on this with me. I’m gonna put a 30″ Dell 3007 monitor on a Swing off the wall so I can move it around. It seems the flat board across the treadmill arms are the way to go.

Seems like you can go up to 2.5M per hour… maybe three before typing stops working well. As for reading and some minor mousing you can even go to 4mpg.

Oh yeah.. more folks are joining the fatblogging program: Jason Coleman, tailrank links, gadgetophile, Randy, Wil Harris (who got the domain name fatblogging.com!!! ugh… right after I tried to get it!!! ) and many more. Even Scoble may join the “be less fat” movement. 😉

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