191.2 (6.2 pounds to hit 185 goal)

Just got off the treadmill… did a quick 40 minutes and weighed in at 191.2. Feeling great energy these days.

Been eating well, but slipped a little this weekend when I ate a huge brownie instead of a lunch (seemed like a fine tradeoff at the time :-), and I pounded down French Toast. That was more flour/sugar in two meals than I’ve had in a month. However, I feel like I could take another month off from flour and be just fine.. so I think it was an ok move.

Today I’m going for Korean BBQ for dinner so I’ll have a salad for lunch and hit the treadmill for an hour tomorrow… I think this is the week I’ll drop below 190 and see 189 for the first time in two years (feel free to post “you can do it Jason” comment below).

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