Premium GMAIL coming soon!

Seems as though Sergey heard my plea to pay for a premium GMAIL account with real unlimited storage (or at least 25GIG!).

  • Now that Google has more computing muscle, Brin said the company will start selling additional storage capacity to e-mail users with extraordinary needs. Google still hasn’t figured out the specifics, but Brin indicated the e-mail storage and fees to be introduced later this year would be similar to Google’s photo-hosting service that charges $25 annually for 6.25 gigabytes and $500 annually for 250 gigabytes.”

Please let me be the FIRST to pay for GMAIL… it’s the greatest email application ever built, the best web service ever provided, and it’s amazing as a free resource. Of course, it would be even better if you could pay for more storage and a faster bank of servers (i.e. less “check back later” messages–not that I’ve gotten one in a long time).

Many people agree.

3 thoughts on “Premium GMAIL coming soon!

  1. Gmail would be nice if you could just get rid of the adds for a small fee. Like 5.99 a year. I do not need any extra space or anything. When they do that I will give them a shot. Right now I am just using my yahoo! plus mail service which works great for what I need.

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