Fatbloggers unite!

Looks like TWiTer Wil Harris has joined the fatblogger movement…

  1. Wil Harris | Peak Weight: 248 | Current Weight: 240 | Goal Weight: 210
  2. YOU?!?!
  3. … and YOU!?!?
  4. … and maybe you!?!?

Basically the goal is to share what’s working and support each other in being not-fat.

Format: One blog post a day with your weight as the title. You can also add to the post what you’re doing in terms food consumption, exercise, and what’s working for you–however, the base line for involvement is three numerical characters a day in the subject line of a post.

Note: Andrew Krucoff pinged me about doing a blogger weight loss challenge a couple of weeks ago, but I don’t think a competition is really a long-term thing. I think we need to start an educational and support movement. Scoble are you going to get in on this?

Note2: We are waiting for someone to start the ThinBloggers movement any moment. Basically blogger who are just so fit and healthy it makes us crazy: Nick Denton, Xeni, Lockhart… the list goes on an on. 🙂

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