Game over for PayPal?

Google is getting super aggressive–some people say heavy handed–with their launch of Google Checkout. Not only did they give people free money for signing up, not only did they place an advertisement for Checkout on their homepage (something they said they would never do), now they are rewarding merchants who use Google Checkout with an extra line in their Google Adsense adverisements.

Google Adsense + Checkout = Game over for PayPal.

Check out the text in yellow highlighting (I ADDED THE YELLOW) for Google Adsense advertisers who accept Google Checkout.

This is a HUGE incentive for merchants to signup with Google Checkout–look how much more their ads look. They get that quick checkout icon and an extra line of text.

Go Google Go!

I love the new aggressive Google. I hope they launch free/flatrate auction next. IT IS SO ON RIGHT NOW!!!

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