CalacanisCast Beta11 — Control by Obscurification: The New Radical Opaqueness

I can’t wait until my studio is built out and I can just rollin and do a podcast a day (if I like).

Anway, I’m doing three radio shows today including my own, an indie podcast, and a roundtable at KCRW Santa Monica.

Here is the topic of CalacanisCast Beta11:

Control by Obscurification: The New Radical Opaqueness
Is Wikipedia really open? Why is digg moving away from transparency? In this podcast I look at the challenges two of the most important sites on the Internet are facing.

  1. Wikipedia may or may not be having a cash crunch.
  2. Is Wikipedia’s non-commercial bent limiting the funding discourse?
  3. Why doesn’t Wikipedia doesn’t want the public to choose how they donate?
  4. How FireFox is making over $50M in advertising while maintaining their integrity.
  5. Wikipedia’s obscurification by technology:
    * Discussion pages
    * Lack of help pages
    * IRC chat
  6. digg removes data and ranking; moves from radical transparency to radical opaqueness.

Any other thoughts on what I should address?

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