Advertising Age: The Trick to Doing Social Media Right

Did a fun interview with Advertising Age and the amazing iMedia Brand Summit last week (was just told I was the highest rated speaker for the second year in a row–rock on!).

Here’s the first question…

Ad Age Digital: You are entrepreneur in action at Sequoia. What kind of startup do you see yourself doing next?

Jason Calacanis: I want something that helps a lot of people every day. … I think one of the interesting things about the internet is if you make something that helps people and they use it, you will be able to monetize it because of advertising. And it’s not even a question. It’s known. You can put Google AdSense up or Tribal Fusion or Burst or any of these ad networks and you will make some money. The question mark is if you can get an audience. It’s kind of making a TV show. If you make a great TV show, if it gets audience, even if it’s not a critically great show but if it gets an audience — could be a show like the dating shows or Cheaters or something like that — it makes money.

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