The Google 15 — weight loss program!

One of my fine readers pointed me to this widget for your My.Google page that lets you easily track your 15-day moving weight average (which is great since the daily one can be depressing—“I ate so well yesterday was on the treadmill for an hour and I’m heavier?!”).

I wish I could post this widget on my blog so I could get words of wisdom and support from my readers and I fight to get to my next goal: 185. I haven’t seen 185 in a couple of years. Here is how it works:

1. You put in your weight every day and a target goal. I’ve been tracking this info in a spreadsheet for a little while so I had a couple of data points. I’m trying to weigh myself at the same time everyday, between 8-9AM.

2. It gives a nice graph on your personalized Google page, how many pounds you have to go based on your *moving* average (8.8 for me), and some words of encouragement.

OK, well I’m off to hit the treadmill for an hour, walk the dog, and play in a texas holdem’ tournament. It’s great weather here in Brentwood and I’m thinking about taking my first dip in the ice-cold pool since it is so sunny. Feels like 70 degrees out event though it says ~65.

To my family in Brooklyn: it’s time to come to LA!!!

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