Getting less fat…

As everyone knows I’ve been bitching on this blog about the fact that I used to be thin and now I’m fat. Well, I took the major step this week and brought a treadmill into Casa Calacanis and man is it making a difference. There is something about rolling out of bed and walking 30 feet to your treadmill–as opposed to driving 15 minutes to your gym–that is just amazing. I’ve been on thing three days in a row, and it’s just a great way to start your day.

We’re gonna attach one our old 24″ Dell 2405 monitors to this thing and put a keyboard and trackball on it so I can watch Law & Order, do email, and surf the web while getting not-fat.

I tipped the scales at 207 (back when we were closing the AOL/WIN deal and I couldn’t leave my desk), and I’m down to 192 these days. My goal is to be ~180 before the summer. Four or five months, 2-3 pounds a month… that sounds really doable right?!

In terms of diet I’ve cut out the bad carbs (bread, flour, pasta, etc), and I’ve been eating a ton of fish and vegetables. Feels great so far.

Update: Sean Bonner told me Joi Ito (I think we’re around the same age) has been working on his health too. He’s doing a vegan diet and has lost a lot of weight and feels better too. He’s doing the every other day for an hour exercise program. I think I want to try to do six days a week for 45 minutes instead–I really like to work out. One of the great things about blogging is that folks are sharing their personal life and what their learning. Joi is staying away from rice and pasta, and eating a lot vegetables too. Those two things seem to be the easiest things to do if you want to get in shape.

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  1. Go Jason! I am at the same sort of place. I used to surf when I was younger, but now I am fat. I am going to change this. I have also just got a treadmill, et al, and am in motion. I have just scored a wetsuit which fits me (tragically a big one) and am going to practice standing up on a surfboard in the pool, then I am going surfing with the kids down the beach. This summer is the summer of change.


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