Gary Ruplinger speaks… “why souldn’t I piss in the town well?!?!”

It seems the snakeoil salesman of now infamous YouTube video fame has posted in the comments. Of course, his push the limits to compete with the “big boys” philosophy is exactly what is destroying search. If people like this didn’t exist the search indexes would be cleaner, good site owners would win out, and Google wouldn’t have to waste their time on spam and could put it towards making other products.

  • Gary says: “As far as I’m concerned, and I know not everyone will agree with me, but you need to be out there seeking links and promoting your site aggressively, especially if you want to compete with the “big boys.” If you have great content, those people will stick around – if not you’re wasting your time. That’s what I do, I aggressivley promote websites. Yes, sometimes I go to far and get penalized or banned, but if you’re not willing to push too far, you’re not going to find out what the limits are either.”

Way to go Gary… go ahead and piss in the town well (i.e. digg, netscape, google’s index, etc). I mean, finding a bathroom to relieve yourself would take too much work. Forget about the fact that the rest of us drink from that well…. you go ahead and piss in it.

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