Netscape about to hit 250,000 stories submitted, 150,000 members!

Huge props to “my” team over at Netscape for the amazing performance over the past couple of months. The site is about to hit 250,000 stories submitted and 150,000 members in just over six months.

Stunning, and I think that is about what digg did in their first six months–perhaps even better (anyone have stats on the first six months of digg?).

Also, the tracker over at Netscape is just amazing… check it out, it tracks EVERYTHING, and the drop down (see below) lets you track specific channels. Really well done.

I can’t wait until the 9.0 browsers comes out (based on the excellent Firefox 2.0 code, which of course is based on Mozilla, which is of course the Netscape code—hello!).

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