iMedia Summit Keyote…

My iMedia Summit keynote went really well today… folks told me it was the best of the event. That was really nice since spent more time putting together this keynote then I have for any other I’ve ever done before. In fact, my normal style for doing a keynote is writing a series of words on a page in my journal. I make the bigger words the bigger issues and smaller words the smaller issues. I then draw lines between them (a la Finally, I put a number on each of the big words which represents the order in which I will hit on those topics.

This format has worked for me for over a decade, but I know that for some folks they like statistics, graphs, charts, videos, and images. So, I did my normal “keynote map” and then I made a Powerpoint out of it. Actually, it wasn’t a powerpoint, it was a MAC powerpoint which is done with a very nice piece of software called Keynote.

Last year I was the top-rated speaker at the event and that lead me to be invited back this year… I’m hoping I did a good enough job that I’m invited back next year. We’ll see!

Thanks to my friends at iMedia for giving me the keynote and my thanks to the audience for their attention.

PS – The most talked about part of the keynote? This video by 1938Media. People were in shock when I showed the PayPerPost/HP/Bumfight story, and Loren from 1938Media had a room full of marketers choked up and staring at their shoes wondering where their industry had gone wrong.

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