Open Source Advertising, user-created commercials (iMedia Summit Panel)

The first panel of the conference today is about UGC/open source advertising and of course features all the user-created 30 second spot contests that culminated at the Superbowl including the Doritos Commercial and the Dove real women campaign.

The panel includes Jill Howard-Allen who is the Online Marketing Manager of Southwest (DING!), one of my favorite airlines. She’s talking about the “wanna get away?!” commercials as well as the Airline TV show they do (who knew it would be so compelling to watch people freak out dealing with travel nightmares–go figure).

She’s showing some user-generated Southwest videos as well.

This has gotten me thinking, at some point are companies going to stop producing their own commercials and just go with the consumer ones 100%? The first commercial are two parents on their couch staring at their TV while a cacophony of noise–kids fighting, dogs barking–get louder and louder.

On an unrelated note, the 70’s were sexy baby–yeah!!! Check out this Southwest video that came up when I searched YouTube for Southwest.

Sarah Fay of Isobar showed an adidas campaign about the worldcup on MySpace.

Editor’s note: I’ll keep updating this post as folks say interesting things.

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