PayPerPost/Scam train wreck coming off the rails…

Looks like the PayPerScamPost train wreck is coming off the rails. It seems the most-hated Web 2.0 company showed up at AlwaysOn conference in New York yesterday with an HD crew yesterday taping their clueless CEO for their self-funded reality-TV show which they are–get this–trying to get a TV station to pick up.

These videos are going to go down in history as the tipping point in the Web 2.0 bubble.

Jarvis and Weinberger were appalled–but who isn’t by the idea of being deceived? This company can’t run out of money too quickly.

[ Hat tip Nick Denton ]

Note: I’ve got dibs on PPP in the deadpool!

2 thoughts on “PayPerPost/Scam train wreck coming off the rails…

  1. It’s a scam. I signed up to the service Monday night, and already found out that one of my blogs was not deamed acceptable for the project.

    Two days later, I’m still waiting for my second blog to be approved. There has been no e-mails and no replies.

    Upon checking the opportunities available, you are presented with a schedual of somewhere between 20 and 50 jobs. Each job will have a criteria, such as tone, number of words, and market aim.

    All the opportunities are then colour coded, white being available to you, red being not. The schedule I received was completely red, meaning I couldn’t go for any of them, plus most of them required a Google Page Rank of 4 or 5. Most peoples blogs are lucky if they have 1. Even if I do get accepted, I would only be able to go for some of the 50c or $1 jobs, as even many of these require a Google PR of 2 or 3.

    I say it’s a SCAM, avoid, not worth the waste in time and effort.

    I hope these FWs go bankrupt!

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