An Open Letter to Robert Scoble

Update: Robert responds saying “I just took a couple of hours away from the computer flying down to Demo and spent most of that time thinking about this and I have to admit that the past four days have not been my best professionally.” Robert, for the record we all love you and think you’re great. Let’s all get back to doing good work.


I’m very disappointed that you are ridingmy team” at Engadget. They are classy guys who work very hard and treat everyone with respect. They’ve been at this for a long time and they are pro-indie bloggers and have been since day one.

At this point you’re basically slandering them and spreading lies. You’re acting like a spoiled jerk and as your friend I feel the need to tell you that.

I’m really disappointed in you. I’m your friend, Ryan’s your friend, and Peter’s your friend. If you have a great story you know you can send it to us, IM us, or pick up the fracking phone and tell us (we used to talk on the phone–remember that?!). You have more access to us than anyone on the planet!

What if I started calling you out on my blog and spreading lies about you? How would you feel??!?! This is not how friends treat each other.

You really need think about how you treat your friends if you want to keep them. At this point I’m really disgusted with you.

If this is some linkbait concept it worked–I’m linking to you. However, the reputation damage you’re suffering by lashing out at your friends is much greater than the value of a couple of links.

Your friend who’s really had it with you,


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