Living in Brentwood

When Entourage first came out one of my good friends told me that the character “E” reminded her of me. The fast talking, hustling, kid from back East running around LA trying to make things happen–makes sense.

So, I moved to Brentwood last month (which is the area just above Santa Monica and West of Beverly Hills/Bel Air) and in the first month I run into Kevin Connolly twice. Right after we bought our new house, and I was dealing with all the pain of having spend gobs of money fixing tons of essential items (think electricity and gas lines), I ran into Connolly at the Brentwood Market. He came by and talking into his phone and said “you won’t believe what this f-ing house is costing me.” Actually Kevin, I would. I’ve lived in apartments/lofts my whole life and the concept of having to fix the hot water heater is very new to me.

Last night I was out at a VDL (very down low), hidden, old-school (and way over-priced) Italian joint in the Brentwood village and right behind us closing up the joint was Connolly. Garry Shandling was also at the table right by us. Again, makes sense… New York transplants in LA gravitate to New York style eateries any chance they get.

Oh yeah, I went out with friends over the weekend and through some odd six degrees of separation I wound up hanging out with very notorious Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild fame. I really couldn’t think of what to say to him so I asked him “What kind of community service are you looking to do, cleaning the highway or cleaning the beach?!” He laughed.

Update: Looks like Francis opted for cleaning up poop.

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