Google gets agressive with Google Checkout….

Oh it’s on baby!!!

Google is just starting to flex their muscle, and today when I visited the site Google gave me $10 for creating a PayPal Killer Google Checkout accounting.

I guess $10 is less than the cost of acquiring a new customer. How soon before Google launches auctions?!!?

Note: the yellow highlighting is mine.

Update: Danny points out that Google Checkout is also being used in the OneBox (onebox is the special box at the top of certain types of google searches like froogle for shopping, google news for new, stock quotes, and weather).

Is Google using their weight in search to push people around and take market share?!?! Hell yes, and so they should!!! To all the folks complaining that Google is promoting their own products I will remind you that Google is a business that is there to serve their shareholders–that trumps almost everything. Google is NOT Wikiepedia or Mozzilla/Firefox. AOL, MYSpace, Yahoo, and Microsoft leverage their distribution to promote their solutions and Google not has a right to do the same, they have an obligation to do so.

As long as they don’t game the search results themselves I don’t see a problem with it. Go for it Google!!!

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