Ask Jason… Call now: 310-694-9491

The “Ask Jason” feature I used to do here on the blog would get a great response every time I did it. I’m going to start it up again–but for the CalacanisCast!

So, please call the CalacanisCast Beta Voicemail: 310-694-9491 and leave a message.

You can ask me:

  1. For advice on business
  2. For advice on how to raise capital or sell your company
  3. To look at your website or business and give you honest feedback
  4. Ask me what I think of a company, person, or trend.

I’ll be 100% honest and tell you everything I know!

Oh yeah, you can plug your stuff and make an intelligent comment about the last show, however keep that kind of stuff short and to the point (someone sent a 12 minute mp3 file recently… come on!).

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