Visionary Sales Person…where are you!??!?!

I’m still looking for my Shawn Gold-ish type sales person. Someone who can take really innovative products and services that are 2-3 years out and get marketers to partner with us on developing them.

When we first started selling email newsletters at Silicon Alley Reporter in ’97 we had to really walk people through the concept, but the marketing folks who partnered with us early got paid off big time.

When we started selling blogs in 2003 we had to really walk people through why Engadget, Autoblog, and BloggingBaby were important, and the marketers who signed on early got the lift from being an early true believer.

This type of selling isn’t really selling at all–it’s educational, it’s dreaming, it’s believing, and experimenting. It’s taking a chance, and doing a little bit better every day with your dream.

Do you know someone who sold Internet advertising before people were ready? Who sold social software before folks knew the term? Are you that person?!?! If you are ping me… we’re got work to do!

my email as always is jason at calacanis dot com.

… and remember what Cuban says: “sales solves everything.”

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