How to buy HDMI cables…

I have to buy a 50″ HDMI cable and I’m seeing huge price differences over at Amazon. So, my question is does it matter if you have a premium brand like Monster Cable, or can you just buy the generic stuff?!?

If it’s a digital signal it should be the same over any cable right?!?!

Thoughts everyone?

2 thoughts on “How to buy HDMI cables…

  1. I encountered same diffculty when I was trying to buy. After
    doing some research, I found out Amazon does not have the
    quality cables. Monster has a really really high price cables.

    Just brought a cable from because I found the
    site is secure and I got a coupon got from one of the website,
    don’t really remember the site name. If anyone wants to use it
    I think still valid. coupon code: blowoutsell10

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