The 24″ Apple iMac is the greatest business computer ever

For over 10 years I’ve been running startup companies where money is tight and time is of the essence. My philosophy in the old days would be to buy a bunch of cheapo PCs like eMachines for $600 each, throw them on the network, and call it a day. We would buy an extra machine for every ten we had and keep those ready on the sidelines for when of the other machines broke.

After two or three machine were replaced we would go back and reformat the drives, reinstall Windows, and put the machine back on the rack. Every six months or so Windows would grind to a hault and we would replace the machine. Some of the machine died.

Anyway, my attitude was buy cheap machines and keep a lot of life spares. Don’t hire IT people and don’t waste time trying to fix tech problems with Windows. Just swap the machines out.

Well, after running Weblogs, Inc. I got exposed to a lot of great Mac products. I’ve got a bunch of consultants working with me in my research group now and I’m buying 24″ iMacs for them.

These machines are the greatest business machines ever made I think. Here are my thoughts:

  1. These machines have one plug: power. This means you have no clutter in your office, nothing to trip over, and no setup problems.
  2. These machines have everything built in: speakers, video camera, standard ports, bluetooth and Wifi. You never have to take the tip to upgrade them.
  3. The Intel chips make these machines much faster than the old PowerPC chips.
  4. No one uses Microsoft Office any more, so there is little difference when you switch over a Windows person.
  5. OS X is a super clean interface.

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