15M pages… rock on!

I just heard from a little birdie that the Weblogs, Inc. Network of blogs did 15M pages yesterday…. wow!

Judith Meskill, who I hired as a blogger three or four years ago and who is now running WIN with my partner Brian Alvey, details the perfect storm at her blog.

My pals of ZDNET give it up for Engadget, and base their coverage on the live keynote style that Peter Rojas created… more here: http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/?p=4252

I totally respect the guys at ZDNET for a) using Peter’s style and b) giving him credit. That’s the key in our industry… it’s fine–and logical–to leverage the formats and styles other people use, but you should be classy when you do it and give credit.

Netscape built off of digg and delicious and I always gave Kevin and Josh credit for being second and first into the space with the idea. Eventually Kevin and Jay stopped saying I stole the social news idea from them and gave me a little credit for doing new stuff in the space–as they should have done all along to be honest. Our space is about building off each others innovations.

You stay classy Web 2.0 🙂

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