No predictions yet… but…

I haven’t done my 2007 predictions yet, but I did answer some questions for the LATimes:

(bonus: Xeni answered the questions as well… visit LATimes for her answer)

Jason Calacanis, co-founder of Weblogs Inc., a network of blogs purchased by AOL, and currently an “entrepreneur in action” at Sequoia Capital, sees the amateur-created space being co-opted by the majors this year. He wrote, “The thing that will change is that the major content producers will start making more Web-based videos. For example, there is no reason that ‘SNL’ couldn’t do a daily news report. If they did it would be 1M viewers a day – easily. In fact, that one spin out might make more money than ‘SNL’ does. That will be the big change: professional produced amateur content. Ironic huh? :-)” (Yes, he used an emoticon.)

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