Weblogs, Inc. Integration Year Two…

Part of the plan at Weblogs, Inc. with regard to the AOL acquisition was to integrate AOL’s channels with our leading blogs. Of course, that was a plan for year two. We wanted to make sure that the cultures at AOL and Weblogs were in sync when it came to blogging/producing content. At the start the folks at AOL were just getting to know blogs, and frankly the concept of unfiltered blogs by normal folks made many people very nervous–as it should, it was a radical concept for a major media company to have blogs in their stable. However, after the great experience launching BloggingStocks it seems the team is moving ahead with the plan.

With Weblogs, Inc. being a eight figure a year business (and growing) for AOL it totally makes sense. AOL could push these blogs to 10x the traffic over the next year or two.

Today I noticed two AOL Caps on Cinematical and TVSquad.… AOL is sitting on a gold mine with Weblogs, Inc. blog… I really hope they really go for it in terms of integration.

When are we going to see this on Autoblog and Joystiq!!! 🙂

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