CES for 36 hours

The last couple of years I’ve been a blogger with the Engadget team at CES. Basically Peter would bark out some order and I would go run and do it–it was a great experience for me as CEO to work for our lead blogger in the field. Of course, CES had its price… every year 1/3rd of the people who went would be sick as dogs for a week after.

The other 2/3rds would be just normal sick. It was brutal, but we kicked ass and loved it.

This year I’ll be watching the Engadget team form the sidelines and I’ll be there from Monday AM until Tuesday night…. 36 hours. I’ll be working with the PodTech team where I do the CalacanisCast. Steve Gillmor and I might do some stuff together (he’s the executive producer of CalacanisCast).

Oh yeah, I’ve been sick with the flu for a seven days (add Bob Dylan rift here)…. so I’ll be fine after the event. 🙂

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