The best web designer in LA for full-time gig.
I’m currently looking for a full-time graphic designer/web designer/information architect to work with me in Santa Monica. They should know things like CSS/HTML/Photoshop/etc, but most importantly I’m looking for someone who is also a thinker. Someone who can add value, come up with ideas, question existing standards and develop new ones. I’m looking for someone who’s been in the business for 5-10 years (11-12 would be best :-). I’m sure this person already has an amazing gig, but I’m confident we can offer them both a better deal and a more exciting life.

I’m basically looking for the best person in Los Angeles–hands down. Like the MJ of design. If you are this person send me your info by email at jason AT calacanis DOT com with your URLs/resume/cover email/etc. Perhaps we can grab a cup of coffee/tea.

If you know this person and your recommendation is first and leads to us hiring them, I’ll take you to dinner and buy you one of these 24″ iMacs like the one I’m using right now (or just give you the $2,000 fee we’re paying for referrals).

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