My boring New Year’s Eve

Went to the New York Knicks vs. Clippers game today. Knicks got crushed. Had second row seats by the Knicks bench, and when Isiah Thomas went into the tunnel at half-time a fan yelled “You suck Zeke!” like a foot away from him… Zeke turned around with a face that looked like he was gonna charge and two other coaches had to hold him back. The fat, balding white guy who said it turned white after Isiah came at him–he looked like a ghost.

I’m home now, rocking out on my new 24″ iMac. This thing is really great so far. The best feature by far is that there is only one plug–the power cord. The keyboard and mouse are wireless, the camera and speakers are built in, and it uses wifi. Very, very smart move on Steve Jobs’ part. People hate wires, and having a clean desk in an all-in-one unit is just sooooo nice. Of course, when I want to upgrade this computer I have to basically throw away a 24″ monitor–which really sucks.

Anyway, tonight I’m going to stay in and relax. Maybe try and find some talent on LinkedIn. 😉

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