TimeWarner HD & PVR really suck compared to Tivo & Direct TV

We just moved into our new house and I figured I would give TimeWarner HD cable and their DVR a try. Mind you I’m coming from a Direct TV HD and a Tivo (non-HD tivo).

Now, the cable modem from TimeWarner is just fine. 5-6MB down, 700k up. Fine. However, HD on TimeWarner cable here in Brentwood really looks like crap. I have a 1080p LCD from Samsung and you can really see the bitmapping of the screen. Basketball looks horrible. Like really bad unless folks at standing still–which they don’t do a lot in the NBA. Is this because they are compressing the signals or is because I’m on a slower block do you think?

The PVR is beyond horrible. The software looks like it was written in 1983 in DOS and the latency is sad. Oh, did I mention the thing hangs all the time?!? Tivo is a Mercedes this PVR is like a broken down Datsun.

As I was about to write this blog post I found my pal Walt over at WSJ HAD THE SAME EXACT EXPERIENCE with Comcast’s Cable service.

My thoughts:

  1. If anyone at the cable companies is listening: PLEASE USE TIVO’S SOFTWARE. Make it happen. You guys are never gonna make as a good a unit as Tivo.
  2. Tivo if you’re listening: GIVE THE CABLE COMPANIES A GOOD DEAL so they will use your software.
  3. DirecTV: I’m sorry I ever doubted you. You may not have the channels but your HD signal is amazing. I love you.

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