How to get on the Netscape/digg homepage–EVERY SINGLE DAY!

As we all know I’m no longer working on Netscape. So, these are my observations as someone who is no longer affiliated with the service. I’ve figured out exactly how you can get almost any quality story on the home page instantly.

For Netscape

  1. Step One: Add the top 20-30 users on the service as friends. (Approximate time: 10 minutes). The top users are located on the home page on the bottom right.
  2. Step Two: Add the Netscape sidebar on Firefox so you can follow your new friends (Approximate Time: 2 minutes)
  3. Step Three: Vote for the stories of the top 30 users and place intelligent/fun comments on their stories (Approximate time: 30 minutes).
  4. Step Four: Find a good story and submit it. Tip, try to avoid politics and news channels since they are the most crowded. (Approximate time: 5 minutes).
  5. Step Five: Sitemail your friends the url of the story and say “check this one out!” (Approximate time: 1 minute). NOTE: Do not spam your “friends” list with sitemail or they will block you. I think maybe once or twice a month is fine. Once or twice a week might get annoying. Really depends on how your friends view you and what they think of the stories you submit. If they are good users they probably have the sidebar and are watching your activity already.

Total time: About an hour.

For digg:

[ I’ll write this one up next. It’s harder for digg obviously… but the key is of course to become friends with at least 30 people on the service by voting for and commenting on their stories. Yes, it is a popularity contest on a certain level. ]

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