Recording Skype calls (more on the RWC player)

I just paid the $15 for HotRecorder, which is a really slick little tool that lets you record high-quality audio from your Skype… this is really going to help CalacanisCast. 🙂

I’m going to do a quick call with Dave Winer and Peter Rojas tonight to talk about the RWC Podcaster (Rojas, Winer, Calacanis) which will be CalacanisCast Beta 7.

At this point I’m feeling like we should make a player for the explicit purpose of Podcasting. The device should be able to pick up wifi signals anywhere for the purpose of pulling down the latest podcasts that I select, and I’m thinking we should do an editorial thing where you can ask us to give you anywhere from 1 to 20 new audio files day–that our editorial team picks. So, imagine you take out your RWC when you’re in your car and just hit the “top podcasts” button and it plays the top mp3 file of the day (say, something from NPR). You don’t like it and hit “next” and it starts playing diggnation. You listen to 20 minutes and get the next show, Scoble… or Adam Curry.

I’d love to have some automatic curration on my ipod. Perhaps we could have a digg/Netscape style page where people vote the top 100 files of the day and we all get those files synced automatically? I’m sure Dave could program that in two hours.

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