Podcast Conference Call recording services (i.e. record a conference call to an MP3/WAV file)

Does anyone out there have advice or recommendations on how to record a conference call to an MP3? I’ve found a number of services online that seem to do it:

Since the podcast is for a charity perhaps one of these folks would be kind of enough to donate their services for a Calacanis-style plug?!?! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Podcast Conference Call recording services (i.e. record a conference call to an MP3/WAV file)

  1. This post has a 2006 date, but I thought I would submit this for your review if you have not found a better alternative.


    It looks as though this site was in partnership with LiveOffice, but that relationship was dissolved.

    The site provides several features that seem to fit what you were looking for and we will be testing it for our podcast in the next couple of weeks.

  2. hey all…I noticed liveoffice is still up there.
    I’m pretty sure they closed shop. just in case there are
    peeps out there sill finding this blog because they need to
    podcast conference calls, I recommend http://www.podference.com
    Yes, I work for them (disclosure) but I also have not found
    any other service out there with all our features.

  3. Thanks for this blog. A company in St. Louis needed a conference ca
    call record that same day. Needed it edited and send to them.
    Since it was multiple persons doing the interview. I adjust the vol
    volumes and de-noised it. I used yousendit to send to them. But also
    also put it up on my backup for audios. Then interesting enough
    it will go out to 1 million lister database.
    I do something similar with my live video conferencing company
    6 webcam , slides, pointers, voip and then bring in 5 to
    thousands and record it all on-the fly.

  4. now I set up someone to record at their leisure and then
    I got the call, did the edit – all done the same day.
    This means we can record 24/7 with a fast turn around

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