We’re not creating a better iPod–we’re just *talking* about making a better iPod

.A week ago I made a list of things I’m thinking about doing next with my life. Everything from playing poker to starting a video version of Weblogs, Inc. On the list I added a throw away joke about making a better iPod with Peter Rojas (the famous editor of Engadget).

Peter responded to it (and did a followup), and then Dave Winer (the genius behind RSS and OPML) chimed in. Now Michael Gartenberg from Jupiter has chimed in, and what was a fantasy has now turned into a feasibility study.

Peter is meeting with Dave, and I just had dinner with Peter. Maybe the Rojas player (or the RWC player) could happen. Maybe we can do a short run and pre-sell the first 1,000 signature players–all of them autographed by Peter Rojas himself. I’m will to put the money up for the first run if Dave Winer will match me.

For me the key features are:

1. Open source software.
2. Wifi
3. No DRM
4. Removeable media (i.e. Compact Flash)
5. Preloaded with three shows from the top 200 podcasts

As far as standard batteries I’m not sure about this one since portable flash players use so little power and last so long. Maybe having an add-on to charge with standard batteries would be best. I’m of course open to removable rechargeable batteries.

As Dave points out any hint of DRM and the project is over. We don’t need any VC money to do this Dave. We just produce the best player and make 1,000 of them–all presold. The money comes to us first and we don’t have to put up *ANY* money. After we get 1,000 made we do version 2 six months later and produce 10,000 of them. If that sells out we do 100,000. We are not doing this for the money anyway… if it becomes a 10,000 device a year company and we break even I’m fine with that–I just want a better player!

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