What next?

I’ve been getting a ton of pitches, ideas, and comments on what I should do next… I think I’ll start a list here.

  1. Weblogs, Inc. of Podcasting
  2. Weblogs, Inc of Video
  3. Run NickDenton.net: all Nick Denton news all the time.
  4. Become a professional poker player.
  5. Buy CNET/Become CEO of CNET (no offer has been made–really)
  6. Buy an ailing newspaper, reinvent.
  7. Become a VC
  8. Put 100% of my energy into CalacanisCast/JasonNation
  9. Take a job at a Hollywood agency and start over in the movie business
  10. Do a media roll-up (i.e. buy 20 small to medium-sized media properties and take get them to scale)
  11. Partner with Peter Rojas and start a gadget company (i.e. a non-DRM, wifi enabled, Mp3/Media player)

You guys have any ideas?

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