Wikipedians still debating advertising

Just listening Wikipedia Weekly 6 (a great show btw).

They mention my appearance on WW4 multiple times. It’s ironic how the guys on the show mention “I don’t get it” with regard to Wikipedia. I do get it guys. Wikipedia is a non-profit and piece of art… a resource you don’t want advertising on. I get it.

However, I think that each Wikipedia user should be able to make that decision for themselves. Why should a small group of Wikipedians make a blanket decision for everyone who users the product? That seems unfair to me. There are many people who would like to help the Wikipedia project by viewing ads on the service, and if they do what harm is there in letting users opt-in to see ads? [ Note: Opt-in in this scenario means that a user would change a setting on their Wikipedia account to turn the ads on, and select how many ads they would like to see (1-3). ]

Even more ironic is that after trashing me for “not getting it” the panel goes on to list all the problems Wikipedia has forming committees, keeping it’s finances in order, doing IRS audits, and raising money.

Somewhere between my rabid entrepreneurship and Wikipedia’s inability to keep their finances in order and monetize their traffic lies the truth. I think the middle ground is opt-in ads.

At the very least what is the harm in making money off of Wikipedia’s search feature? As the panel has said over and over again, Wikipedia will never have a search service as good as Google’s search, and Google would give the Wikipedia 65-100% of the revenue from Google searches of Wikipedia –which is what all the power users do anyway!!!! Yes, the Wikipedians are already looking at ads on Wikipedia search, they just don’t want to accept the money from Google–crazy! Firefox makes money this way and no one questions them!

Also, the advertising would not even be on the Wikipedia site–it would be on the Google search page!

Someone created a “Greasemonkey Wikipedia Adsense script” and had it’s targeting ability banned. Does that mean wikipedia has officially take the position of no ads–even if you opt in!?!? Is this the work of one tech person (as I’ve been told many Wikipedia decision’s are)?

Note: Jimbo has not responded to my emails regarding the blocking of the GreaseMonkey script or the proposal of making money from Google search. Jimbo, why the radio silence? What’s your position on the blocking of the script/who did it? What’s your position on making money from search?

My guess is Jimbo is doing a deal with Google as we speak.

best j

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