Things I want to blog about… but won’t (or CalacanisCast 4.0)

I’m keeping a list of things I want to blog about, and that people have asked me to blog about, but that I’m *not* going to blog about.

I’m holding myself to a “podcast only” rule… so, this list will get longer and longer until I pick up the microphone. Feel free to add topics you want me to discuss.

  1. Nick Denton using Valleywag to attack competitor John Battelle, and what really makes Nick Denton tick.
  2. Web 2.0 conference: Bubble or no bubble?
  3. Web 2.0 conference: How I look at startups: Features, Products, and Businesses.
  4. John Battelle’s real business plan at Federated Media (hint: it’s not an ad network).
  5. Business is personal: How the Steve@Microsoft and Eric@Google dynamic has evolved.
  6. The end of the Gillmor Gang.
  7. Why is Wikipedia blocking the opt-in Grease Monkey Script, and why won’t Jimbo respond?
  8. AOL buys Blogsmith
  9. The Knicks… ugh, the Knicks
  10. What should the name of the show be: CalacanisCast or JasonNation?
  11. What Mark Cuban is like as an angel investor.
  12. Some final thoughts on the covert (and not to mention irrelevant by design) efforts like PayPerPost.

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